Seven Places To Sightsee In India

India is a country with a history spanning thousands of years. If you’re planning to visit India for a vacation for its cultural beauty and scenery these are some of the places you should have a look at in order to learn more about India and get the most out of your visit.


At some point in your planning, you must have come across a beautiful white marble building on countless leaflets. They’re not wrong. Agra is home to that iconic symbol is known as the Taj Mahal which roughly translates to “crown of the palaces”. It was a mausoleum built by the emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz. The Agra Fort nearby is also another grand example of India’s Mughal architecture. If you’re planning to visit India, Agra should be your number one stop when going on amazing tours of India.


If you’re a fan of Bollywood movies you’ll be ecstatic to know that Mumbai is the heart and soul of the aforementioned industry. The largest city of India, it’s not without its own nuggets of historic landmarks. The city houses the gateway of India stone arch at its waterfront and other British colonial buildings can be found around the city.


Kolkata is a well-known city for its art and festivities. The Indian museum holds various antiques and fossils dating back to the Mughal period. Mother Theresa’s tomb is also located in this city at the Mother House founded by her.


This is city served as a Portuguese colony in the late 17th century. Apart from the preserved landmarks from that era, if you’re feeling a bit suffocated from travelling through the crowded cities this is a good place to catch a break and some sunshine. Located right by the beaches of golden sand, you can try out some fishing or explore a bird sanctuary or quietly retreat to have some time to yourself.


This city is the home to a number of grandiose palaces built back in the 18th century some of which have been converted to hotels overtime. If you’ve ever craved the experience of living like royalty this is your chance to lounge about in massive gardens and courtyards, all the while collecting more pieces of Indian history to your journey.

New Delhi

This is the center of power in India. Not only is it the political center hosting the government of India, it’s also the capital of it. Places that can be visited in this city include The India Gate, The Rajpath, Lodi Gardens and museums such as the National Gallery of Modern Art and National Museum of Natural History.


This city is known for its beautiful buildings that hosted the royals in the past made up of pink sandstone most suitably depicted through Hawa Mahal which translates to the Palace of the Winds. Other notable sites include an open air astronomical observatory known as Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort, both considered as world heritage sites in India by the UNESCO. India is a vibrant and beautiful country full of knowledge and history that can be spent years learning about. This is a very short guide on some of the popular cities of India. For a more thorough understanding of the country and its destinations, more detailed research will have to be conducted

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