Things You Need to Know to Pull Off an Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding is a lot different than planning an indoor wedding. While an outdoor wedding will look romantic with the venue you have chosen, you will have to consider your venue and the weather before planning a lot of things including your dress and makeup. So if you have planned to tie the knot outdoors, here are some things you have to consider

Dress Code and Makeup

You will have to talk with your stylist about the kind of hairstyles and makeup that will suit the weather outside. Especially if you are in a windy place such as the beach or a rooftop, or even in your backyard during the humid weather, intricate hairdos and heavy makeup will only make it uncomfortable. If there is too much sun and heat heavy gowns and tuxedos can also make things worse. Instead, settling for some of the simple hairdos and dresses that will keep you comfortable in the outside weather is important. Avoiding stilettos and settling for simple shoes can also help.

Make sure the Guests Are Comfortable

You and your partner are not the only one who will have to worry about the dress code at your wedding. In order to make sure your guests are not sweltering in the outside sun or their hairdos are being ruined in the wind, letting them know the dress code is important. If you are planning a destination wedding that will be held outdoors, letting them know early will help them to prepare for the weather at your venue. Including some of the food and beverages that will help them to settle in with the weather is always a good option. For example, in a hot weather include drinks such as iced tea or lemonade to make everyone feel refreshed.

Get Your Lighting Right

The mood of an outdoor wedding can depend on lot on the lighting. Adding lights such as fairy lights or paper lanterns, or mason jars can set up a romantic mood that will suit your day. Light up the pathways with lights and try decorating the branches of trees with lights too. This makeup for all the fancy decorations you cannot include in an outdoor venue. Properly set lighting can help you to get your celebrations through the night without any accidents so get the help of an electrician to look in to your lighting plan to make sure everything run smoothly.

Be Ready for Nature

Outside weddings are fun but sometimes your will have to prepare for what nature throws in your way. One thing you will have to prepare for is bugs. Setting up some citronella candles and adding some torches with your lighting plan can help to keep away bungs from guests and food. Have a backup plan ready in case there is a sudden wedding change. If the entire wedding is going to be outside, then look for a place to hire a marquee Sydney to stop the sun or rain from running your big day.

While an outdoor wedding is fun and innovative, if not planned correct you might not have the dream day you always wanted. Therefore, start considering these ideas before you design your decorations and dress and sending out your invites.

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